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Severnvalley Radio is an independently funded local radio service for South Shropshire & North Worcestershire.

As a supporter of Severnvalley Radio you will be helping secure, sustain and develop this service for the benefit of communities across South Shropshire, North Worcestershire and beyond.

Radio is a valuable resource, broadcasting real-time information, connecting communities, engaging, entertaining and inspiring its audience.

Severnvalley runs on a fraction of the budget of other stations, but we have costs just like anyone else. With your support, Severnvalley can continue to grow, entertain, inform and innovate.

We couldn’t do this without the generous donations of our listeners. If Severnvalley Radio matters to you and you like what we’re all about, please make a donation.

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We value any support given to us by you, and your donation will contribute directly towards Severnvalley’s future.

“Your contributions do make a difference and will help towards supporting this truly Independent Local Radio Service for the good people that live, work and visit the towns, villages and tourist attractions of South Shropshire and North Worcestershire”

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The Severnvalley Radio Team.

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