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Weekday Evenings 8pm – 10pm, Sunday Evenings from 8pm – 10pm

Evening Show & Sunday Evening Show Presenter Jennie Downton

About Jennie Downton

Meet the lovely Jennie Downton, host of our Evening and Sunday Evening shows on Severnvalley.

Known for her enthusiasm and love of music, Jennie is an avid fan of a wide range of genres, including rock, folk, indie, and jazz.

When she’s not busy behind the mic, Jennie enjoys experiencing the great outdoors, particularly through hiking and camping. She’s also a big fan of theatre, music and art and loves to attend local events whenever she can.

If you’re looking for a warm and friendly radio personality with a passion for music, Jennie Downton is the perfect choice for you.

Tune in to Severnvalley and experience her infectious enthusiasm for yourself!

You can hear Jennie on Severnvalley, weekday evenings from 8pm – 10pm,  where she plays the ‘best variety of feel good music’, with the latest news, entertainment news and weather. Then she’s back on Sunday evenings from 8pm – 10pm with the perfect way to end to your weekend with Severnvalley.

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