Billie Eilish debuts new track snippet

Billie Eilish

A snippet of a new track from the latest Billie Eilish album has been released on the trailer for hit Netflix series Heartstopper.

The LGBT+ show tells the story of the romance between rugby player Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and unpopular Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and its third season is expected to air later this year.

US singer Eilish, 22, has not released any singles so far from her third album, Hit Me Hard And Soft, and previously suggested that the whole record would come out all at once.

In a Netflix post on social media, the company announced Heartstopper’s release date as October 3.

They said there was no “better way” to confirm the date than “with an exclusive snippet of @billieeilish’s Birds Of A Feather from the upcoming album Hit Me Hard And Soft.”

Eilish’s website has previously stated that the name of the album means it should be listened to chronologically so that it does what the title says and “hits you hard and soft both lyrically and sonically, while bending genres and defying trends along the way”.

In the teaser for Heartstopper, Charlie gets ready to tell Nick he “loves” him as the soulful vocals of Eilish are heard in the background.

The episodes all see Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell as Nick’s aunt, Diane, Fair Play actor Eddie Marsan as Charlie’s therapist Geoff, and Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey as Charlie’s crush Jack Maddox.

Hit Me Hard And Soft comes out on May 17.


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